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    Service Hotline: 0511-8641 0558
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    Address:Jingqiao Street Jinlin Yunyang Town Danyang City of Jiangsu Province in China
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    Company profile
        Danyang XinSheng Tools CO.,LTD.is one of the limited joint-stock compantes run by the local people,which swims with stream of developing requirements of modern enterprise sysems.Thecompany is professional at TCP Saw Blade Series/Circular Saw Blade Series,Knif-e Set Series,Diamond Saw Blade Series,The knife of food Series for Mowing Mchines.The heat treatment center is also available in the factory.Our company has very strong production capability with the ripe technology and craft;good model inspection methods for saw baldes producing;tidy and orderly workshop;high eiiective and scientific management;convenient traffic.
        Our company management policy and guideline:
       Gaining various stong points;
       Expanding new trails;
       Standing based on the domestic,forwarding to the world;
       Qualified products for living,Services and credits for developing.
        The legal person and general manager,Chen LanPING,on the behalf of all the staffs warmly welcomes customers,friends home and abroad to come to XinSheng Tools CO.,LTD.for visiation and cooperation.XinSheng Saw Blade,The forwarding horse in the field of saw blades,flying well up to bridle! 

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    Address:Jingqiao Street Jinlin Yunyang Town Danyang City of Jiangsu Province in China    Phone:0511-86410558