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    Service Hotline: 0511-8641 0558
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    Address:Jingqiao Street Jinlin Yunyang Town Danyang City of Jiangsu Province in China
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      Future competition is the competition of enterprise culture
       "Respect people, dedication, innovation, efficiency," "strict, strict," diligent discreet, not something to show off deduced seeking unity within and outside the development of the good atmosphere.
    Dantu District, Zhenjiang City, Dragon Biochemical Factory is an enterprise, but also a cause! A pragmatic people choose to make unremitting pursuit of the Dragon plant expert governance structure of the plot far-reaching goal of learning organizations, rational and pragmatic corporate culture would push the company higher, farther ......
    Technology objectives: Bocaizhongchang, Yong record high
    Quality objectives: high standards, zero defects
    Market principles: the creation of the market, to lead the
    Development philosophy: innovation and technology, Ericsson
    Enterprise beliefs: Innovation is life
    Service concept: on the 1st commitment, Ericsson hundred
    Service Tenet: Nothing in the world, the customer is a priority
    Pledge: a selected, every day worry
    The core concept: to create a perfect service to the community
    Enterprise Spirit: Respect people dedicated Innovative
    Enterprise style: strict requirements, strict
    Team consciousness: unity in hand, concerted efforts
    Development strategy: high quality, high-level service
    Development Goals: the domestic first-class enterprise
    Talent idea: be competent at their work is talent, innovation
    Tenet: the rational-effective security

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    Address:Jingqiao Street Jinlin Yunyang Town Danyang City of Jiangsu Province in China    Phone:0511-86410558